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Job Title: After School Club Supervisor

Job Details:

TypeRight operate market leading after school clubs teaching touch-typing to school students aged 7 to 17. Our clubs are now well established in several schools in South-West London.

Clubs start at 15:30/16:00 and finish at 1700/1800; lessons are 60/75 minutes once per week each club has about 12/18 students working in the schools’ ICT suite.

Initially, the students wear headphones and use specially customised colour-coded keyboards as they follow an on screen software programme. The software allows the tutors to monitor the progress of the students individually in order to help them to progress appropriately and to give accurate feedback for both school and home. On reaching a pre-determined level of basic competence the students follow bespoke TypeRight exercises to fine tune their skills and learn to copy-type and take lecture notes.

Clubs have a Course Leader, a Supervisor and one or more club Assistants in a staff pupil ratio of 1:8. Supervisors must be able to touch-type using the correct finger to key technique although speed is not important. Supervisors are trained to understand the TypeRight course materials and to tutor individual students through the course whilst monitoring their progress both by data capture and personal observation. Supervisors give student feedback to the Course Leader using proprietary TypeRight reporting systems.

Applicants must have a personal telephone and an email contact address. Supervisors must be prepared to travel to the club sites in TFL zones 1 and 2 in their own time and at their own expense.


Contract Term:

Supervisors initially commit for a single term of 10/12 weekly classes on one school site on a formal Fixed Term Agreement. There are excellent progression opportunities for Supervisors wishing to commit to more classes or to train to become Course Leaders.

Contract Type:

Supervisors are contracted on a formal Fixed Term Agreement.

TypeRight is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects staff to share this commitment.

Application Contact:

Interested parties should submit their CVs to .

Closing Date:

There is no closing date for any applications other than that is necessary to apply at least one term in advance of any particular opportunity. Unless requested otherwise all applications will be retained on file for consideration for future courses.

Interview Date:

Short-listed candidates will be invited to interview and to attend a TypeRight class as an observer.


Supervisors are paid £15 per hour on a self-employed basis. (£30,000 FTE per annum pro rata).

Job Start: