About us


TypeRight delivers touch-typing lessons privately to individuals or groups. It also works  in schools either in conjunction with the teaching of the curriculum or by operating After-School or Lunch Clubs.

TypeRight is the brainchild of Amanda Gush, a businesswoman who has developed a successful career in Sales & Marketing over several decades. She has personally embraced all the skills and technologies that have become the everyday currency of the modern executive workplace yet never forgotten the importance of touch-typing a skill she acquired as a school leaver when first setting out to make her way in the world of work.

Her contention, that touch-typing is essential to mastering the computer based communications revolution of the late twentieth century, is now widely accepted by both the business world and the educational establishment. In 2011 she took the plunge and set up TypeRight with a view to disseminating this important message to young students and their parents. Her experience in working with students with learning difficulties further informed her determination that all should have the opportunity to acquire this simple yet life-changing skill.

Today TypeRight is a market leading tutor business working with individuals, schools and other learning institutions across the UK. The business enjoys the support of a board of professional advisors who have liaised closely with her in developing her TypeRight ‘method’ which is now being franchised and adopted by independent tutors who are working with ever increasing numbers of school children, students and young professionals.