Put power at your children’s fingertips with this important skill for life.


The Benefits of Learning to Touch-Type

School students who learn how to touch-type properly have an immediate and measurable advantage over their peers. Their ability to quickly and accurately copy type from set texts and transcribe notes from lessons, lectures or podcasts gives them the ability to complete written work more quickly and accurately.

Using software developed by educational psychologists, it is proven that the process of learning to touch-type improves spelling, vocabulary, grammar and syntax; in short to become more deeply immersed in understanding our written language and in celebrating its proper expression. In this context the skill is known to benefit students completing ‘hand written’ GCSE, AS and A2 exams although it gives maximum benefit to undergraduate students where work is submitted in typewritten format. On leaving education, most students pursuing careers in the white-collar professional world will find that the responsibility for reporting on their day to day activities now falls directly to themselves rather than to secretaries or typing pools.

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